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Have Coffee will Craft
life extraordinary
danaewhispering wrote in unexpectedbox

make craft not warCollapse )

I have had quite a few people asking me if they can use the icons at Dreamwidth. Please feel free - just credit to unexpectedbox @ LJ. Thanks!

Lovely. Snagged some and of course, will credit the artist. ^^

These are all beautiful! I took #24

Took 7, 20, and 24. Thanks :)

Hi, love your icons, just went back through the archives and nabbed a bunch! The reason I came here was I saw this icon:

on a friend's journal. I couldn't find it here in the archives (although I didn't go through every post) and I was just wondering where you got the artwork for it?

That icon is in this entry It is locked because it contains some nudity on some of the icons.

Arthur de Pins though is the artist and I think I got it off a pin-up site.

I swiped several; these are fantastic! I've been looking for GOOD crafting-related icons forever, it seems, and I'm so glad to have found you! You are very talented!

I took "2".
Very nice work !

These are lovely! Snagging #4 now and may be back for more. Will credit when used. :D

taking 3 and 11, merci beaucoup! will credit you. :)

Taking 5 and 18 - thank you very much! They're beautiful

Beautiful! I'm taking #4, and thank you!

(Deleted comment)
Please feel free to use it or any others you find for your community. I am glad you enjoy the icons! :)

#1, 2, 4 & 23!!!!! LOL

Coffee, Crochet, Sewing & Crafts! WoOt!

Thank you, these are lovely. Have taken no 5


OMG WEAVING!!!! I <# the weaving icons!

I took a few but will totally credit when used! These are AMAZING!!! : )

I took #25! Will credit! Well done!

Beautiful! I took number 7. Thank you!

Snagging #10, will credit. Thanks :D

OMG I was just waiting to find crochet icons ! Thank you !

I'm taking 1,2,3,4 and 5 ^^

Really nice icons! I've snagged a bunch of sewing and embroidery icons from this and earlier posts and will of course credit when I use them.


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