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Coffee Time
life extraordinary
danaewhispering wrote in unexpectedbox

001 002 003 004 005
006 007 008 009 010

011 012 013 014 015

016 017 018 019 020


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These are all so much fun! I'm grabbing #14.

I could so use all of these!!! Lovely icons, as always. Have taken 012 - covers most coffee situations for me :D Thank you!

pretty, took 18,19 and 15. thanks. will credit when use.

From a coffee addict I...
Will credit!

OH. Love this batch. It's pretty much my life. ♥ taking 2 and 10, possibly 5 and 16! crediting, of course. ;)

Number 5 is beautiful.

Have stolen it.

snagged 19, 11, 3...great batch! i love the variety!

O god! COFFEE! Saved them all, will credit, thank you!

These are all just great!

Squeeeeeeee! I'm grabbing a bunch of 'em and crediting per usual. :D Thank you!

*Squeeee* New batch :D Took some, will credit when used. Thank you! ♥

I love these! I took 8, 12, and 20. Thanks and will credit.

These are awesome. Man I hate dope, but that icon is clever, maybe next time it comes up I'll pretend they mean coffee. XD

Yeah for coffee icons! Snagging 6, will credit of course

i don't drink coffee but these icons are cute. i really love your icons. :)

the penguin one is so cute! also, #10!

I just love them ALL!

Saved a couple, thank you so much! They are all amazing.

These are fabulous! I saved a couple and will credit when I use them. Thank you for sharing!

Awsome!!!Taking a bunch, will credit when used, thanks :-)

Snagged 7 & 10.

Will credit, of course. :)

009, 011, 016. Very awesome.

I wish you used the same server for the stuff under and above the cut. Your withinreality host is blocked for adult content here on our work pc's. :(

Um.. I can't see your icons under the cut. Just empty squares >_

(Deleted comment)
these are awesome! taking 15, will credit!

(Deleted comment)
Wonderful icons! Took #4 and will credit.

Love the icons! :D Snagging a few. Will credit. Thanks! :)

these are brilliant,
i've just sent the link to my friend, becouse there so cool.

So OMG i've just discovered you from someone else's credits,
and i'm looking back through your posts,
you do BRILLIANT icons.
i love them.
Im so looking through all your posts later.

Ohgod I'm grabbing most of these... they're brilliant!

Oh, I love these! I snagged bunches of them and will credit when used! ♥!

Taking 15, 16 (so true) and 11. Thank you!

Nabbed # 10 & 15! Love em. Will credit!


I've taken 012 - thanks!

these are adorable! will credit when using!!

...and taking #14 here. Again, I'll be sure to credit and thanks so much!

(Deleted comment)
I've been snagging icons from all over, but had to comment here because 002 is the name of my LJ! I love your style and have taken a bunch of icons with quotes, thanks :)

Hey :)
I took two icons: the zombie one and the happy one.
I love 14 but I can sleep after drinking two cups of dark coffee. I'm a freak :P

These are excellent! I took 11 and 15. Thanks!

saved 17, 20 [♥], & 7. Thank you!!

They're not holiday icons, but damn, coffee! So I grabbed 6, 10, 11, 14, and 15! Will credit!

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