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danaewhispering wrote in unexpectedbox
Breakfast icons....


001 002 003 004 005
006 007 008 009 010

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ha ha i love these!!!! :D

your icon makes me giggle and good luck if you're doing it!

thanks! i am doing it...still have 14,000 words to go! :)

*cheers you on* you can do it!

yay! I am glad you like them!

eeeeepancakes! i was seriously craving them the other day and now that craving has returned. i'll be snagging - with credit of course - and noming on some later!

I am so craving them too! We are having them for dinner tonight. I hope you enjoy noming on some as much as I know I will! :) Enjoy the icons!


i'm sure i will! Thank you!

These are so cute! Taking 4 and 6 :)

I don't know why I can't see your icons anymore... I can see the samples, but not the post. And I know it is me, because it looks like everyone else can see them. Need to get my geekman on support... :) Still, glad to see you're back to making them- I've been missing your icons!

Do you have any parent controls on your computer? I host them on M's and my website - which is about the lifestyle - so adult. And so I know people place of work and parent controls block them out. :(

Thank you for missing my icons...I missed making them! Glad I had a little time to make some. And I am already making another batch too.

Can you email me the name of the website, so that Ben can unblock you for me please? :)

Nevermind- he figured it out and I can SEE your icons now! YAY!! Thank you thank you! :)

Very cute idea!
I've taken #1. Will credit when used. :)

oh man for some reason I can only see the teasers and I tried two different browsers


the teasers are neat though

are you viewing from work? I know that most work places block them because I host them on a site with adult material.

ah, that must have been it. Thanks!

Thank you! :) Snagged #3 and will credit as always.

this post just made me so hungry! haha

I can't wait to use the Boo Bees icon...

I saw one of your icons used somewhere and liked it so I thought I'd check out your icon journal. I downloaded 105 icons. :D They are awesome and it's going to be hard to decide which to use.

Taking #1, thanks so much! :)

i love food.
no. 2 please?
thank you.

Come back soon. We need you.

(Deleted comment)
Thank you for the lovely comment! And I am glad you like the various colors I do in the icons.

What a fantastic collection of icons!

Grabbed a few (from a number of entries) and will credit when used. Many many thanks!

thank u very much!)))
I take some of yours icons and credit their))
i like it so much!!!!

I still come wandering back here occasionally, and your icons are still awesome :D Hope you'll make more someday!

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