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danaewhispering wrote in unexpectedbox
39 Wordy Icons

I am sorry I haven't posted in a while. I have been really busy. I hope to be able to do a couple more posts this month. I have 2 more sets in the works right now.


pauseCollapse )

Edit: I have had quite a few people asking me if they can use the icons at Dreamwidth. Please feel free - just credit to unexpectedbox @ LJ. Thanks!
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Snagged 6, 24, and 28. Wonderful icons, as always!

taking 4
that is so me lately

I took 11 and 32. They're all great, so I may come back and snag more of 'em!


lol these are funny. not taking any. but they made me giggle!

Woo! Awesome icons as always. I'm not snagging any this time but I thought you should know that "daisies" is misspelled as "daises" in icons 9 and 18. :)

I took several and will credit.

I saved... #1 (which totally cracked me up), 9 AND 18 both, 19, 20, 22, 24, 28, 35, 37.

Wordy icons are totally my favorites.

I will purple 1 for you when I get back. We leave in the morning to go out of town. Wordy are my favorite icons to make actually. Miss you and Hugs!

OMG I took so many of these it would be insane to list them. These rock and work well with my current mood :)

Snagged a bunch! Will credit!

Snagging a few, will credit! (And I lurve the textures and patterns. *purrs happily*)

I have taken a few icons and will definitely credit when I use them.

They're fabulous. Thanks for sharing your talent.

Funny and awesome, as always. Grabbing #s 2, 24, and 31.


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